Global Information Technology (UK) Limited is a close-knit team of experts in various spheres, which enables us provide top quality services related to IT, particularly to development of software, iOS apps, websites, and much more.

We have programmers, web-programmers, and beta testers, designers, web-designers, and artists, copywriters, content-writers and translators, marketing specialists, project managers, etc. In other words,

However complex your project is, there always is the right person at hand who will do the job impeccably.

Our team members managed to reconcile the contraries: they are creative perfectionists.

For our Clients it means that…

We will develop a software product or an application even if you have just an idea of what it should do and have no idea on how to achieve it.

We will create any kind of a web site from scratch, be it an online store or a web portal – just tell us what you expect from it.

We will create advertising materials and carry out an advertising campaign for you, just specify your target audience.

If your target audience speaks Russian and Ukrainian, we will translate your advertisements and localize your web sites, so that they really work, converting visitors and viewers into buyers.

Everything we do is of perfect quality – that’s the credo of our company.