The modern world is so full of high-tech products that people who use them often can’t do without technical support. Therefore, there is a plethora of services aimed at providing troubleshooting assistance to users of such products as mobile phones, televisions, or software.

Our IT company offers high quality technical support. Our specialists have gained extensive rich experience in providing such services to users of both our software and products and software of other producers. Our services can be provided via Internet or phone.

Our technical support (or after sale service) may be delivered in three languages

  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

and by any of the following means, suitable for users:

  • e-mail,
  • Skype
  • Website- based special services for live support.

Depending on the product/service complexity, our technical support may be organized as a multi-level system, where responsibilities and duties are strictly divided among the levels, or as a one-level team of a few experts who would resolve all the incoming troubles. It all depends on the product’s/service’s complexity and sales volume. For example, Internet service providers typically offer a one-level general support group.

Technical support is crucial for online stores and corporate websites. If a commercial website doesn’t function properly, the company loses not only profits, but also its reputation.

A small company usually cannot afford hiring a live technician for technical and/or customer support. Buying services from a reliable IT-company is a reasonable option in such a case.

Globalization and wide usage of high-tech products create high demand for technical support service, and requirements to its quality are growing too. Consequently, their prices are continuously increasing all over the world. That’s why many businesses locate their technical support departments (or so-called “call-centers”) in the countries or regions with where skilled workforce costs less.

The alternative way is to outsource technical support to a local company. Due to many reasons, this option often appears to be more efficient. The most important issue here is to choose an appropriate contractor.

Our company is ready to start a contract to provide technical support services. Their prices in Ukraine are much lower than in other countries, however, technical staff skills and qualifications are beyond competition.

Our technical support is some kind of “an ambulance” – we immediately respond to all the trouble inquires (never leaving any of them unanswered!) and troubleshoot them as soon and as efficiently as possible; or just help a user with technical information or a practical advice. Good technical support, properly organized and efficiently working, results in users’ satisfaction and positive feedback, thus promoting your products or services at the market.


There are three ways to pay for our services, namely:

  • Hourly payment through platform (the hourly rate is negotiable (approx. 15-20 USD per hour); what is more, this platform enables employers to monitor what exactly their contractors are doing during working hours);
  • Fixed price for each completed task, paid through platform. (The price is negotiable and depends on the volume of work to be done);
  • Monthly payment (The client approves the applicant(s) to the required position(s) for the project and covers all agreed costs (salaries, overheads, etc.)).