Remote System Administration

Nowadays you needn’t hire a full-time system administrator to ensure that all computers, software, servers and LANs of your business run smoothly and efficiently. Remote system administration services provided by our company will help you to solve these problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Remote Administrators work when it is convenient to the customer, and promptly respond to emergencies.

Our remote system administrator monitors functioning of the system 24/7; he cares for maintenance works and performs back up on time. This allows him to prevent most of the potential problems, rather than to deal with their consequences afterwards.

In other words, our remote administrator works efficiently.

Work of our professionals will cost you way less than hiring a much lower qualified live system administrator. When it comes to the value-for-money ratio, our remote administrators are beyond competition!

In addition, our company offers protected hosting service package, which means that we can host your website on our server and take care of its protection. Our experts will make sure that your site works flawlessly, loads fast, is always available and protected from hacks.

Most of system administration tasks do not require physical access to computers and networks, so they can be performed remotely. Our experts can fulfil the following tasks:

  • Installation and configuration of various software
  • 24/7 monitoring of networks, workstations, and servers,
  • Administration of local networks
  • Protection from external intrusion, DDOS attacks and malware
  • Ensuring compliance with corporate security policies
  • Internet traffic monitoring
  • Interactive training of the Client’s employees; consultations

Remote sysadmins access computers, servers and networks over the Internet, through secure communication channels, and communicate with customers and users by phone, email or Skype.

And one final comment. Did you know that if a sysadmin is always busy mitigating after-effects of disruptions, it’s a bad sysadmin? A good sysadmin is neither seen nor heard, but the system always works smoothly.


We employ only the best sysadmins!

There are three ways to pay for our services, namely:

  • Hourly payment through platform (the hourly rate is negotiable; what is more, the platform enables employers to monitor what exactly their contractors are doing during working hours);
  • Fixed price for each completed task, paid through platform. (The price is negotiable and depends on the volume of work to be done);
  • Monthly payment (The client approves the applicant(s) to the position of system administrator(s) for the project and covers all agreed costs (salaries, overheads, etc.)).



  1. The fixed price payments, which amount to 150 USD and more, are to be split into milestones and each of the latter is to be paid separately.
  2. Additional fee to the basic cost for our services provided on weekends, national holidays and during off-hours – plus 50%.
  3. Only VIP clients are eligible for volume discounts. ‘VIP client’ is a customer who has already paid for our services at least 2,000 USD.