Marketing and promotion of goods and services by means of the Internet

Do you want your potential customers to learn about your products or services and to turn into buyers? If yes, you have come to the right place!

Our team of highly skilled specialists, who are real experts in marketing and promotion of goods and services using the Internet, are here to assist you.

Here is just a brief list of what we offer:

  • Market research: investigation of markets of CIS countries (formerly USSR) regarding all kinds of goods and services;
  • Deep search for specialized information;
  • Preparation of exclusive analytical reviews;
  • Assistance in “white” search engine optimization*;
  • Affiliate marketing and direct marketing;
  • Placement of banners and text ads on trusted sites;
  • Creation, placement and support of banner and text ads on Yandex and Google (AdWords and Yandex.Direct);
  • Starting and holding discussions at various specialized forums and in social networks;
  • Creation of effective and high-quality text ads and content on a wide range of subjects, optimized for search engines;
  • Link building;
  • Supply & demand research at markets of various goods and services;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Services of a virtual assistant;
  • and much more

Since our marketing team is a part of an IT company, our list of services is not limited to marketing – it is much broader. Our designers, web developers, copywriters, translators and are always ready to contribute to successful promotion of your products and services.

To have your product or service stand out against your competitors’ offers, we will make it special: find or create a feature that will make your offer unique, attract and hold the attention of the buyers.

Our specialists work for the results that bring real profits to our Client!

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Market research

    Study of demand for certain goods / services; analytical reports on particular market segments, competitive analysis, supply and demand analysis, etc.

  • Advertising campaigns on the Internet: planning and implementation

    Determining an optimal advertising strategy for your goods, a all-inclusive service package for Internet   advertising

  • Creating effective advertising materials

    Text ads, including the ones for contextual advertising, banners, layouts for printed advertisements, etc.

  •  “White hat”* search engine optimization (SEO)

    Creation of high-quality optimized content, link building, posting information on trusted sites and more

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Management of the Client’s affiliate program, determining an optimal strategy for attracting affiliates, etc.

  • Direct marketing

    Creation and/or distribution of marketing materials **

  • Publishing and promotion of iOS applications

    (Full range of services for publishing and promotion of applications developed by the Customer)

* Permitted methods of optimizing a web site for search engines are called “white hat optimization”. Methods that are not welcome by search engines are called “black hat optimization.” Use of these SEO techniques can result in sanctions imposed on the site. DO NOT EVEN ASK our experts to use the methods of “black” SEO. We do value our reputation.

**We DO NOT spam! Please do not contact us with offers, which include spamming. Thank you.   

(Spamming is sending unsolicited or undesirable electronic messages, usually of promotional nature, in bulk to the persons who have not explicitly agreed to receive them. Such messages are called spam or junk mail).

If you cannot find the service you need in this list, please contact us by e-mail.


There are three ways to pay for our services for you to choose from, namely:

  • Hourly payment through platform (the hourly rate is negotiable and starts from $10/hr; $15-25/hr on average. What is more, the platform enables employers to monitor what exactly their contractors are doing during working hours);   or
  • Fixed price for each completed task, paid through platform. (The price is negotiable and depends on the volume of work to be done); or
  • Monthly payment (The client approves the applicant(s) to the position of the specialist(s) required for the project and covers all agreed costs (salaries, overheads, etc.)).



  1. The fixed price payments, which amount to 150 USD and more, are to be split into milestones and each of the latter is to be paid separately.
  2. Additional fee to the basic cost for our services provided on weekends, national holidays and during off-hours – plus 50%.
  3. Only VIP clients are eligible for volume discounts.  ‘VIP client’ is a customer who has already paid for our services at least 2,000 USD.