Virtual assistant services

Welcome! We provide services of a virtual assistant (VA), particularly virtual personal assistants and virtual secretaries.  Our highly qualified specialists are fluent in ENGLISH, RUSSIAN and UKRAINIAN (Russian and Ukrainian – native, English – fluent, near-native).

Our specialist will serve you as a personal assistant or a virtual secretary over the phone and via Internet services (e-mail, Skype, chat, and so on).

Duties of a virtual secretary are very similar to those of a live assistant. In particular, they include:

  • Receiving and making phone calls
  • Work scheduling, making appointments
  • Email handling (writing, editing and sending emails; sorting out incoming emails and replying to them)
  • Internet research
  • Booking tickets, hotel rooms, reserving tables in restaurants, etc.

Many of your routine tasks can be outsourced to our virtual assistants, e.g.:

  • Setup and maintenance of a personal or corporate website
  • Social media management: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Compiling news digests
  • Search for information on a specific topic, preparation of analytical reports

When you hire our remote assistant, you will save considerable sums of money thanks to cutting overhead costs.

You use services of our remote assistant only when you need them, and pay only for the work done. It is much more practical than hiring a full-time live secretary that would result in multiple extra taxes.

A virtual assistant does not need a place in your office and a computer; he or she will never take a vacation, fall ill or ask for a maternity leave. Virtual assistants are neither seen nor heard; however, all their work is done properly and on time.


Virtual assistant is an ideal assistant!

There are three ways to pay for a virtual assistant service for you to choose from, namely:

  • Hourly payment through com platform (the hourly rate is negotiable; what is more, the platform enables employers to monitor what exactly their contractors are doing during working hours);
  • Fixed price for each completed task, paid through platform. (The price is negotiable and depends on the volume of work to be done);
  •  Monthly payment (The client approves the applicant(s) to the position of the virtual assistant(s) for the project and covers all agreed costs (salaries, overheads, etc.)).