Welcome to our web-studio, where the most skillful web development professionals work. Planning to open an online store and want a website with a distinctive look? Or, maybe, you just need layout setting for some already designed pages to launch a web resource?In any case, we are the very team you need.
Our experts’ professional areas encompass the following:

  • Web site or web application design (including drawing up a design specification, interface design, etc.)
  • Generating creative web design ideas and working out the design concept
  • Creating page layouts, multimedia and FLASH-elements
  • Pages/mockups layout
  • Web programming or content integration into a content management system
  • Web site optimization and content posting
  • Website testing and correcting the errors
  • Launching a site on a public platform
  • Maintenance and support of a functioning website

Our IT-specialists have earned extensive experience in all the above areas, which enables them to successfully solve various problems.

You can order either a separate service like testing a website or a service package – for example, to build a site from scratch.

Normally, the following experts work on a complex web-development project:

  • A project manager
  • A web designer
  • A programmer/web layout specialist
  • A tester/usability engineer
  • A copywriter/content manager

In case one specialist is not enough to cope with the task, extra staff would be involved, depending on how complex the job to be done is.

Our development team is a group of experts, who are passionate about their work. They are capable of turning your ideas into reality – even the most complicated and unusual ones.

For convenience purposes, all the negotiations with a client are held by our Project Manager (especially, those concerning the design brief and design concept). Also, it is the project manager that is responsible for meeting deadlines.



There are three ways to pay for our services, namely:

  • Hourly payment through Upwork.com platform (the hourly rate is negotiable; what is more, the platform enables employers to monitor what exactly their contractors are doing during their working hours);
  • Fixed price for each completed task, paid through Upwork.com platform. (The price is negotiable and depends on the volume of work to be done);
  • Monthly payment (The client approves the applicant(s) to the required position(s) for the project and covers all costs agreed upon (salaries, overheads, etc.)).


  1. The fixed price payments, which amount to 150 USD and more, are to be split into milestones and each of the latter is to be paid separately.
  2. Additional fee to the basic cost for our services provided on weekends, national holidays and during off-hours – plus 50%.
  3. Only VIP clients are eligible for volume discounts. ‘VIP client’ is a customer who has already paid for our services at least 2,000 USD.
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